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Cashback for Energy Data
How much can you get paid?

  · Earn cash & rewards for sharing data with our trusted consortium.

  · Control your own data and how it is monetized. Choose your level of sharing, customize your rewards, with full privacy.

is a virtual world

  · virtualize & interact with datasets
  · gamification of work processes
  · social & sales environment
  · virtual property & avatars
  · works via Energychain blockchain

Asset Trust

CleanGrid Trust
Equity Funding for Developers

  · Affordable Housing & Microgrids

  · Renewable Energy Development

  · Commercial-to-Residential Conversions

CleanGrid Trust
what we plan to offer

  · Real-Estate & Energy Portfolio Shares
  · Good APR with 1-yr lock-in
  · REIT structure after 1st year
  · tracked on EnergyChain

Our Tech

Technology Trust

Our Services
Blockchain & Financial Applications

  · Tech Service for the Asset Group, CleanGrid Trust

  · EnergyChain Blockchain, Smart-Contracts, Securities & Tokenization

Learn More
Enabler & Validator Ecosystem

  · Account Sign-Ups (open soon)

  · Cashback for Energy Data Program

  · CleanGrid Trust & Developer Integrations

  · Energy Contractor & Auditor Apps

  · EnergyChain: A Zero-Net Energy Blockchain

  · EnergyLand: A Virtual World for Business

  · Profiles & News Stream

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The Tokenization of Real Estate: Who, What, Where, When & How?
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Watch John Dean Markunas (moderator), Ryan Molecke, Gabriel Sadoun & Juan Alvarez as they examine 3 tokenization business models: Residential, Commercial, RE...

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EnLedger Invites John Markunas to the Team as Advisor
EnLedger Review Articles · Jul 01, 2021 by EnLedger Admin
EnLedger is proud to announce that John Dean Markunas has joined the EnLedger Team as official advisor, helping us evaluate business and development plans including real-estate and investment / lending opportunities and proposals.
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EnLedger Energy Asset & Tech Trust

Green-Energy Technology & Blockchain Asset Specialists

Asset Tokenization
On a Private Blockchain

  · EnergyChain supports smart-contracts and data-notary, with its own stablecoin EECoin as the "gas" to pay for on-chain processing.

  · Built on Cosmos Tendermint SDK, EnergyChain uses Delegated Proof-of-Authority (DPoA) consensus and features the ability to support multiple tokens, NFTs, DAOs and oracles, and cross-chain atomic swaps.

  · A high-performance blockchain and online portal for energy & building performance data, contracts & sales, CRM / IAM, audits-certifications-rebates automation

  · Energy & Building Performance specialization allows EnergyChain to minimize data-bloat, and achieve high transaction throughput with minimal cost, and a private set of trusted node-validators.

Digital Asset Classes
EnLedger, Corp. has partnered with real-estate and green-energy developers to launch a real-estate and energy asset trust and crowd-funding portal, to bring you opportunities to own shares in a Real-Estate & Energy Portfolio.

We invest in development in these areas:

· Residential & Commercial Properties
· Large-Scale Solar & Wind
· Community Solar & Microgrids

Our team of experts analyzes dozens of factors when considering which developments we will fund. We start with strong financial foundations, and use a range of factors to assess an asset's long-term potential.

Blockchain Software
Secure Data Networks

  · Energychain is designed to be a "Zero-Net-Energy" blockchain with positive environmental and societal impact, through the usage of and support for on-chain renewable energy credits.

  · The Cashback For Energy Data Program puts consumers back in control of their data, and makes them the beneficiary. It's a big-data aggregation layer for the energy & home performance industry, built to serve the consumer and protect their privacy.

  · EnergyLand is a place for virtualization and gamification of real-world data and processes, where you can get get real work done, and interact with others in a virtual environment.


EnLedger Energy Projects

Current Tech Pilots & The EnergyChain Platform

Advanced Energy Tech
& Grid Optimization

· Advanced Metering Pilots
· Certs & Rebates Automation
· Contracts, Audits, Sales & Leads
· Blockchain CRM and IAM, Data Service
· Performance Data Monetization
· Automated Energy Trading
· Renewable Credits Systems
· Grid Optimization using AI

EnLedger Pilot Partners

Real Asset & Technology Trust
EnLedger Asset Trust
Real-Estate &
Energy Asset Portfolio

EnLedger Tech Trust
Tech Services &
Cashback for Energy Data

EnLedger Energy Affiliates

EnLedger Connections

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