Energy Efficiency Coin (EECoin) Token Offering Announcement

EnLedger announces the upcoming release of Energy Efficiency Coin (EECoin), the main token of EnergyChain, as an asset class pegged to the value of a green energy stock and bond index. EnergyChain is an energy-efficient blockchain project designed to support energy industry functionalities and have a positive environmental impact, and it runs on a Byzantine distributed proof-of-work consensus layer running on a Tendermint software stack.

Please see our EECoin Wiki Page, which holds the Abstract and Full EECoin Whitepaper, including details of the pegging mechanism and green energy index weighting definition, including the details of a voting mechanism internal to EECoin which will allow those who hold the asset to vote proportionally on which green stock and bond indices may be added to the EECoin index, over time. EECoin can also be used to pay for the internal functionalities of EnergyChain, including registration of ownership of grid-connected devices, automated energy trading and dividends, etc.

EECoin will go on sale at an index price, and we will offer a 5% discount on the index price as a bonus to early-adopters, for the first month. Look for upcoming announcements and updates to our site, including graphs tracking the EECoin index price and tools for users to log-in and sign up for an EECoin wallet, and to securely generate an EECoin private key passphrase an generate Bitcoin / Ethereum payment addresses to buy in. 

Ryan Molecke
CTO, EnLedger


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