Social Online Liquidity Engine Systems (SOLES) Rebrands to EnLedger. Same Awesome People :)

Oh snap, we’ve done it now! SOLES was an amazing era for founders Jason, Ryan, Christina, and advisor James, and it represented our original vision for how we could use blockchain to achieve socially and environementally positive effects on society.


SOLES Co-founders
Ryan, Jason, Christina, Co-Founders of EnLedger
James Barry, EnLedger Advisor


We’ve learned a lot and had many amazing experiences along the way, and we are still at it! EnLedger is just a way better name, and represents our focus on being and energy efficient blockchain company, and it’s also a cool verb: to “enledger” data means to store it or notarize that data in a distributed ledger table (DLT) or blockchain.

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