EnLedger Management

Ryan Molecke and Jason Dispenza
Breidamerkurjokull Ice Beach, Iceland
Jason, Ryan, and Christina
Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, D.C.
James Barry, Advisor

Jason Dispenza
Finance / Operations / Strategy / Partnerships / Legal / Investor Relations

Jason Dispenza, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of EnLedger, is an accomplished business professional and manager, with a track record of entrepreneurial success, coming from a background in the renewable energy industry. Jason founded at a renewable power and home performance contracting business that now employs dozens of contractors, auditors, salesmen, managers, and interns in the Washington, D.C. area. Jason knows what it takes to get a business off the ground, how to make critical connections with affiliates, and how to manage people to drive projects to completion, and he holds himself and his colleagues to a superior standard. Jason is a visionary in the field of industry integration with blockchain systems, and he holds a BA in Economics and a BS in biological chemistry, both from the University of Virginia.
Ryan Molecke
Technology Lead / Trading & Brokerage / Operations / Strategy / Legal / Investor Relations

Ryan Molecke, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of EnLedger, is highly multi-disciplinary academic computational science researcher, who transitioned into the world of finance technology and trading systems. He’s worked at several notable and successful finance-tech startups, helped architect trading systems and brokerage/exchanges, and is now focused on permissioned ledgers and blockchain systems integrations, tokenizations, and credits programs. He holds a B.S.E. in Computer Engineering and a Ph.D. in Nanoscience and Microsystems Engineering, both from the UNM.
Christina Garcia

Project Management / Operations / Government Relations / Client Services

Christina Garcia, Chief Information Officer (CIO) of EnLedger, is a solution and result oriented professional with 15 years of local and international experience in the technical, government, and service sectors. Christina has strong management, analytical, problem-solving, interpersonal skills. She is fluent in English, Spanish, French, and Italian. An experienced and published UNESCO researcher and project manager, Christina has focused on how society leverages new technologies to solve challenges faced by urbanization, poverty, and climate change. Christina provides an in-house expert point-of-contact for our technology clients and investors, managing technical teams and projects according to client input and engineering feedback. Christina holds a BSc. from U. Rhode Island, an MBA from Paris ESLSCA Business School, and a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.

David Samuel Smith

Renewable Energy Specialist / Safety and Maintenance / Project Proposals and Operations / Product Manager

David Samuel Smith - Enledger Chief Operating Officer, COO and products lead. Industry Trainer and Certifier - Developing Industry Best Practice - Developed fundamental principles and practices for installation and maintenance of Solar, Wind, and Hydro energy systems, including planning, installation, and maintenance of necessary components for various renewable energy systems. Designed and implemented training programs as a subject matter expert for the Utah Solar Energy Association (UtSEA) and the American Solar Energy Society (ASES). David helps with team management and project operations, keeping the tech teams and the management in sync with our clients and shaping product designs for success. David has the experience to analyze grid-level systems and diagnose component-level up to systemic issues or opportunities for optimizations. David helps EnLedger scout, secure, manage build-outs and management structure setups for renewables projects on an international scale.

J.T. Stanley

International Government Relations / Project Specialist in Energy & Healthcare / Business Analyst and Investor contact

J.T. Stanley - Enledger Manager of Governmental Affairs and Commercial Relations, is a native Californian most aptly defined by his intrinsic motivation, commitment to logic and reason, compulsion towards adversity and going out of his comfort zone, adroit persuasive and interpersonal skills, and passion bordering on eccentricity. He has worked in business analysis, contracts, customer service, and enterprise software at a major medical device manufacturer renowned for its technical innovation. J.T. attended the University of Maryland – College Park, where he went through a special program to create a major and have it accredited by the state of Maryland. His degree is Advocacy and Venture Management, with a focus on law and the environment. In university, J.T. led a start-up venture focused on reducing disposable food container waste, which won multiple awards at competitions. He continues his personal pursuits at the intersection of environmentalism and entrepreneurism. J.T. is currently exploring implementation of solar photovoltaic projects in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Leandro Pena-Salvatico

Renewable Energy Generation & Storage / Business Development / Investor and Affiliate Relations

Leandro Pena-Salvatico - Enledger International Business Developer, Solar & Storage Technology and Partnerships Strategist. Leandro is a specialist in clean energy generation, energy storage, carbon footprint calculation & reduction, international renewable energy finance and regulations with special experience in Latin America. Leandro sees enormous potential for blockchain technology in the renewables and efficiency industry, and as a game-changer for international energy finance, and he's ready to connect blockchain investors and business affiliates with opportunities to leverage the potential of blockchain tech in this expanding field as solar is poised to become the cheapest and dominant form of energy production, and storage capacity and cost reductions are finally making decentralized wind/solar/battery a real competitor to fossil fuels. Leandro is helping with EnergyChain / EECoin strategy and sales, and is also an investor point of contact.

George Oluwaboro

International Business Consultant / Foreign Markets Strategy / Investor and Affiliate Relations

George Oluwaboro - Enledger International Business Partnerships Consultant, Foreign Markets Analyst. George has a background in business consulting and advisory practise, financial systems compliance, security assement and risk mitigation, with a focus on energy, housing, fundraising, and IT / Blockchain / Distributed Ledger Technology. George sees the potential of blockchain deeds and title (smart-property) systems to bring new access to credit and raise land values in underdeveloped nations. George was instrumental in the establishment of African Chamber of Commerce, Inc based in Washington D.C., and brings to the EnLedger team deep experience in energy, housing, and medical services opportunities and applications in both the US and West Africa. George is helping with EnergyChain and LandChain marketing, token-sales, and is also an investor point of contact for EnLedger.

James Barry

Business Advisor /  Product Design / Affiliate Contact

James Barry, Senior Business Advisor for EnLedger, is a highly-skilled software guru who has been a core contributor on some of the most widely-used software ever written, has served as senior management at IBM, and is a former VP of ADP technologies. Recently, James led 12 person IBM ecosystem team promoting to startups, VC’s, universities & accelerators in Silicon Valley focused on blockchain and cognitive computing as the lead development tools for new generation applications by building concepts, POC’s & demos. James has overseen over $100M of investment in technology and software development companies during his career, and is a highly experienced executive, project leader, and startup advisor. James help lead strategic business development and affiliate contacts and relations, but is not involved with the token-sales management or the ICO team at EnLedger. James holds a BA in Economics from University of Colorado at Boulder, and an MBA from University of Colorado Denver. 

Bernhard Raberger



Strategic Planning / European Operations Development / Investor Relations

Bernhard Raberger, Managing Partner and Director of Blue Minds Solutions GmbH since March 2015. The company advises its clients on chances and risks triggered by the transformation of the energy sector, in consultancy, analysis/research and interim-management. Second focus is supporting, challenging and mentoring startups in this area from early-stage to roll-out. In addition to his role as partner at the Blue Minds Group, Bernhard develops renewable energy investments in emerging markets and advises established corporate energy players and financial institutions/investors on renewables in emerging markets.

Bernhard was executive member of the Board of Turkey’s largest privately-owned utility, Enerjisa Group for seven years, 2007-2011 as Verbund-nominee, 2011 to 2014 as CFO, nominated by E.ON SE after an asset-swap with Verbund. During Bernhard's tenure, Enerjisa grew to become “Turkey’s most admired energy company”, today serving nine million customers, operating and optimizing a broad power generation portfolio. Previous to Enerjisa, Bernhard was at Verbund, most recently as Head of Corporate Development. There, he supported the EURELECTRIC Presidency of ex-Verbund-CEO Hans Haider and the establishment of commodity trading. Earlier in his career, Bernhard led projects for banks and re-insurance institutions, based at the Institute for Economy and the Environment at Swiss-based business school University of St. Gallen.

Eveline Steinberger-Kern



Strategic Planning / European Operations Development / Investor Relations

Eveline Steinberger-Kern, Founder and Director of The Blue Minds Company (TBMC), an innovative consulting and research company, which concerns itself with questions and answers to the transformation of energy systems. In Tel Aviv she operates the Foresight, a subsidiary of TBMC, that develops software for digital-energy-related services. Dr. Kern was at Verbund AG in Vienna for nine years starting in '99, serving several roles including head of Strategic Marketing and portfolio management, and director of ‘Verbund-Sales GmbH’.

Dr. Kern led the Austrian Climate and Energy Fund, from 2008, until founding her first business ‘green minds’ in 2010, where she participated in startups surrounding the decentralised energy supply system (including The Mobility House AG, a mobility services provider for electromobility). From 2012 to 2014, as Sector Cluster Lead Energy at Siemens AG Austria, she was in charge of the energy business in 19 countries of Eastern and South-Eastern Europe. Since July 2014 Eveline is back operating in her independent business (decentralised energy provision). The Blue Minds Company GmbH is a relaunch of the green minds e.U. company.