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Blockchain Systems Design & Consulting

Our new "Master Blockchain Graphic" (below) describes the system architecture of the EnLedger network, connectivity and functionality. (click to expand)  
  We are always looking for partners and affiliates in the Application and Hardware Layers. We scout blockchain projects with the potential to serve large market segments, helping them reach the market and compete.   We evaluate potential utility and identify best-practice design methods for blockchain projects, then we make them work. Our "brain-trust" dev team of advanced developers holds decades of experience in software development on several of the world's leading commercial and open-source software projects, and we have a special enthusiasm for blockchain tech! We provide world-class software consulting and development, blockchain node setup and operation, smart-contract design, UI / API layers, and wallet functionality. Blockchains are great for securely timestamping and authenticating any dataset, and can even hold limited amounts of data on-chain for smart-property handling, blockchain ID / reputation systems. More advanced usages include real-time bidding markets connected to real-world hardware/firmware installations and appliances of any type, communal ownership and dividend models, social media platforms, personal/familial/dating and healthcare applications, privacy / data monetization, "big-data" mining and deep learning systems. Please contact info@EnLedger.io for more info about our tech platform and consulting opportunities.



EnLedger EnergyChain

EnLedger EnergyChain Project is a project based on Automated Power Exchange & Energy Credit Tracking, a collaborative cross-industry platform for automated tracking of energy production, usage, availablity, share ownership, dividend and profit-sharing payouts from grid-attached devices and appliances, including tracking generation and retirement of renewable resource credits (RRCs) and device audit/registrations. EnergyChain is a platform for energy projects from the "microgrid" to the municipal and regional level, solar / renewable installation and auditing organizations, and government organizations to all collaborate to use blockchains to achieve positive environmental impact and efficient energy distribution. EnLedger provides real-time markets for true pricing of energy and renewable resource credits tokenized into blockchains in the EnergyChain Project.

EnLedger EnergyChain Master Diagram



EnLedger Notary

EnLedger Notary Project is our offering for securely putting any type of data into blockchains. Secure or encrypted data can be notarized, with full protocol for authentication layers and efficient encrypted data access by any number of key-holders. EnLedger Notary is based on the Tendermint Message Server Protocol and uses a Delegated Proof of Stake consensus protocol to add to verfify new blocks in a blockchain. EnLedger Notary is built around a model that includes an additional DHT data-storage mechanism alongside the nodes. We recommend a model with a (data-efficient) single-keyholder data encryption scheme for privata data, where any outside user can request data access from one or more gatekeepers. EnLedger Notary can support encryption schemes with n keys and m keyholders' permission required to access the data. We are currently exploring the usage of "Token-Controlled Viewpoints" (TCV) for our notary permissions scheme, you can find more info about TCV from this blog post from LetsTalkBitcoin.

EnLedger Notary Master Diagram

  Applications for Enledger Blockchain Notary project span commercial industries and personal utilities. Absolute data security and verifiability will enable new blogging, social media, geneological records, traditional reporting & advertising hook-ins to Blockchain ID and demographics, healthcare applications, with turing-complete contracts as a feature that will enable a whole ecosystem of App-On-A-Blockchain usages cases. Secure on-blockchain storage and access to financial documents, including absolute verifiability in timestamping, is already a burgeoning tech solution in an industry dedicated to preventing financial fraud.



EnLedger LandChain

Land rights, and the systems of enforcement surrounding them, are one of the most imortant and crucial differences between third-world and first-world nations, between undeveloped and developed nations, between rich and poor nations. Legitimizing land ownership titles, registrations, transfers, and access rights is one of the most important human welfare projects, with the potential to dramatically improve the wealth of entire nations of people, to lift cultures of of generational poverty, and to transform governments for the better.

LandChain Data Geography (above - click to enlarge)

EnLedger LandChain Project is a blockchain designed for registry and transfer of titles and deeds to real property, with secure notary for architectural, construction, and property performance data. Our design principles include interoperability with the EnLedger Notary Platform and other blockchain land-registries, and an eagerness to develop "plugins" that can hook industry-standard CRM and project-management tools into the blockchain. EnLedger Universal Ledger Portal provides an entry point to the LandChain Tools, where real-estate developers & construction companies can register property ownership, store data about properties / audits / construction in a secure notarized database off-chain, track projects and contractors/auditors, and hook into their own native platforms. LandChain can hold titles and deeds for any real property, including automobiles, and includes smart-contract access and transfer based on single-keyholder or multi-keyholder models, including tools for shared property ownership and dividends tracking.

EnLedger LandChain Master Diagram (below)



Ledger Portal

EnLedger Universal Ledger Portal

EnLedger Universal Ledger Portal is our main site, where you can access the EnergyChain, EnLedger Notary, LandChain toolsets, and the wallet & exchange areas for all supported asset classes and smart-properties. This is a central access point for project admins overseeing shared properties and dividend payouts, project managers using blockchain CRM and project management tools & plugins, data notarization and media access center, and in general it's a platform for our "App-on-the-Blockchain" service model. Usage cases also include a signature and certification portal for contractors / auditors / caseworkers to interface with the blockchain via custom user-designed user-interfaces, using EnLedger tools for efficiently storing and accessing data in blockchain and attached secure notary server architectures. EnLedger current runs on a Tendermint platform, and we also aim to support interoperability with Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other blockchain systems. Our goal is to be "blockchain agnostic" and focus on bringing the promise of those core technology platforms to the public in innovative ways that solve actual industry pain-points, and provide true utility and customer lifetime value to our network. EnLedger constantly evaluates new blockchain technology stacks in terms of consensus mechanism, smart-contract and programmatic functionality, data storage cost and capacity, demo product and development difficulty, license and company / community support, and support those blockchains with the best characteristics.

EnLedger Universal Ledger Portal Master Diagram



Blockchain Asset Class - Energy Efficiency Coin

EnLedger's Custom Blockchain Asset Class - Energy Efficiency Coin (EECoin): EnLedger has worked with top legal & financial experts to craft the EECoin token offering, a blockchain asset class pegged to an indexed price of real-world renewable resource asset instruments. EECoin is a blockchain asset class with mininal electrical usage, minimal hardware turnover, and even offers a positive environmental impact. By utilizing energy-efficient Proof-of-Stake consensus protocols and devoting the equity to purchasing green financial instruments, usage and funding of EECoin promotes the creation of renewable versus non-renewable energy, as opposed to blockchain token systems which utilize Proof-of-Work protocols, where higher utilization and coin market prices mean more incentive for “miners” to burn electricity to gain the tokens.

EECoin is the token of EnergyChain, also see the Wiki Page for EECoin. EnLedger is finalizing the legal structure and EECoin Whitepaper, and we will open up a more complete EECoin Info & Countdown Area once we have a launch date set! Check back for more news soon~