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Real-Estate & Energy Investment

Real-Estate and Green-Energy Shares
Tracked on a Blockchain

EnLedger works with large-scale developers to bring our clients first-access investment opportunities in exclusive real-estate and renewables projects.

One Token for Real-Estate Assets
First Access to exclusive investment opportunities available only through EnLedger and our developer partners.

One Token for Renewable Energy
Start Earning Dividends on your EnLedger portfolio after only 6 months! Returns improve every year.

We use blockchain technology and smart-contracts to track investments & dividends, certificates & rebates, micro-grid management, and energy trading. We utilize both a stablecoin Utility Token and Security Tokens backed by real-world assets.
EnLedger is proud to be a USA-based company.

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*Disclaimer: Our first security-token disclosures and token-sales are scheduled for Spring 2021.

Intro Tier
Choose Energy or Real-Estate
COMING IN 2021! Sign up for the email "Pledge List" to show support and get early access!

Advanced Tier
Custom Portfolio Allocation
Mix real-estate and energy securities, leverage short-term and longer-term commitments for higher dividends.

Pro Tier
Highest Returns + Benefits
VIP access, advanced e-Portal dashboard, blockchain seminars, personal support

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