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EnLedger - CleanGrid Trust

CleanGrid Trust is a collaboration between EnLedger and several large-scale developers to bring blockchain crowd-funding and tokenization to the real-estate development and investment community with an open, public platform. CleanGrid Trust will enable even small-scale investors access to unique opportunities in exclusive real-estate and renewables projects, while offering real-estate developers access to equity funding at great rates, offering them an alternative to bank lending.

CleanGrid Trust will allow developers to ramp up development with easier access to equity funding, to build bigger and cooler projects, focusing on affordable housing projects in the 80-300+ unit size range, and including such amenities as on-site microgrids with renewable power integrations, high-speed internet access, direct plumbing & water / electric hookups, heated sidewalks and driveways, and even community vertical farms.

EnLedger will also enable blockchain tracking of any (future) registered CleanGrid Trust offerings, via EnergyChain, to enable automated online trading and transferrance, automated dividend calculations and payouts, and potential customization of asset-classes for client risk-tailoring. The EnLedger web platform, and CleanGrid Trust Web Portal, plans to offer online accreditation and AML/KYC for client sign-ups, and 24/7 online access and reporting, along with blockchain explorers, wallets, secure vault tools, and exchange access.

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