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The EnergyChain Notary Toolset is a component of the Data Marketplace and the Cashback 4 Data Program. The notary toolset allows data to be entered into the Data Marketplace archives and then accessed, for a fee. EnergyChain is specially-built to allow very cheap data notary of energy, building performance, and appliance datasets, taking advantage of the fact that it is a private network with no "proof-of-work" mining, where data bloat can be controlled via custom smart-contract and on-chain logic implementations.

On this page you can find information and tools for processing your datasets. What does this mean? Well you might process a building performance (HPXML) dataset and get an energy performance estimate or certification for a mortgage rebate. If you are an energy worker or auditor, you might use an EnLedger smart-device app to automatically generate a virtual home for the EnergyLand ecosystem, or to instantly notarize and submit a building performance audit result.

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