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EnLedger - Data Market

We are developing EnLedger Data Market as a place where you can find out the value of your data, and share it for profit! Are you tired of big corporations taking your data without your consent and making money off information about you? EnLedger Data Market intends to be a step towards a new incentive-model for the internet, where you will control your own data and privacy, making you the beneificiary of your own data again.

What kind of data might be on the Data Market? At first, the data will include energy and building performance / appliance data, shared by members of the planned REIT's affordable community developments in exchange for incentives such as discounts on their mortgages and access to electric cars, telecommunications services discounts, and even Cashback 4 Data.

The Data Market may be able to reward users for sharing all types of data including paid, secure healthcare information sharing with clinical trials and medical researchers, polls and opinions / surveys, and even monetization of personal data.

Who will be the buyers of data on Data Market? The buyers of energy, building performance, and appliance data come from the EnLedger consortium of industry partners, who may include energy and home performance contractors and industry groups, appliance manufacturers and servicers, energy researchers including Distributed Energy Resource Programs (DERPs), even advertisers for products that might go inside of your home and appliances. In the Data Market, you'll have full control over who gets to buy your data, and if it is anonymized or not, and you'll be surprised at how much your data is worth! An average homeowner might make up to $800/yr just for sharing their home energy / performance and appliance data, that's enough to make a real difference to a lot of people.

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