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CleanGrid Trust

CleanGrid Trust works with EnLedger and our CEO Jason Dispenza's renewables company, Edge Energy, to plan and deploy large-scale solar projects in urban environments, where ecological impact is minimal and amortization schedules average 7-10 yearrs for most installations. Our CFO Mark James and CEO Jason Dispenza have decades of experience in deployment of renewables (solar/wind+battery) installations that enable CleanGrid Trust to effectively choose the best microgrid locations and bring them to completion and working operation, servicing real-world communities.

EnLedger CEO, Jason Dispenza, is an EnergyStar Contractor of the Year, for the last three years in a row! Leveraging relationships with larger solar panel providers, home performance consulting groups, industry associations, and audit / certification agencies has allowed EnLedger to build a support network of professional collaborators, and also assemble a potential data consumer pool. This allows us to aggregate and monetize energy and building performance / appliance data in a way that has never before been possible, and kickstart the Data Marketplace and Cashback 4 Data Program!

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