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Data Market

The EnLedger Data Market is a place where you can find out the value of your data, and share it for profit! Are you tired of big corporations taking your data without your consent and making money off information about you? EnLedger Data Market is a step towards a new incentive-model for the internet, where you will control your own data and privacy, making you the beneificiary of your own data again.

This page will contain information about the Cashback 4 Data programs, and opportunities to earn incentives for sharing your data in a secure way, with our private consortium of businesses, researchers, and advertisers. The earliest participants will be members of the affordable community developments financed and constructed by our partners, Our planned REIT, in exchange for incentives such as discounts on their mortgages and access to electric cars, telecommunications services discounts, and even cash in the form of debit cards. Eventually we hope to be able to expand the Cashback 4 Data programs to the general public, enabling data sharing via devices that plug into a home or business wall socket to log data, or via smart upload and data-processing tools, including our Data Apps & Dashboards.

We are building EnergyLand virtual and augmented reality ecosystem to enable you to interface with your energy and building / appliance data, privacy access and sharing, and rewards systems. EnergyLand is a virtual environment where you may accomplish real business tasks, and also have some fun and meet new people within a gamified work and play environment.

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