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EnLedger LandChain

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EnLedger LandChain Github Repository Link is a platform for Automated Real Property & Project Tracking

EnLedger LandChain Functionalities include (still in development and subject to change!):

1) Registration of Ownership of real-world property:
   · On-Chain Registration of Real Estate
   · Notarization of Titles & Deeds, with lookup interface to legacy systems
   · Geographic splitting of Notary Storage network based on location
2) Sales & Transfer of Real Property as recorded on the LandChain blockchain  
   · No blockchain 'token', runs on tokenless Hyperledger blockchain protocol
   · Real Estate & Vehicle Sales Listings & Auctions
   · Real Property Search / Lookup and GIS-style mapping interface
3) CRM & Project Management Functionalities  
   · Notarize construction or performance data on LandChain, store it in the attached Notary Server layer
   · On-Chain CRM capabilities, custom plugins to industry-standard CRM tools
   · Auditor & Contractor Registration, Certification, and Signature (RCS) System

Land rights, and the systems of enforcement surrounding them, are one of the most imortant and crucial differences between third-world and first-world nations, between undeveloped and developed nations, between rich and poor nations. Legitimizing land ownership titles, registrations, transfers, and access rights is one of the most important human welfare projects, with the potential to dramatically improve the wealth of entire nations of people, to lift cultures out of generational poverty, and to transform governments for the better.

EnLedger LandChain Project is a blockchain designed for registry and transfer of titles and deeds to real property, with secure notary for architectural, construction, and property performance data. Our design principles include interoperability with the EnLedger Notary Platform and other blockchain land-registries, and an eagerness to develop "plugins" that can hook industry-standard CRM and project-management tools into the blockchain. EnLedger Universal Ledger Portal provides a graphical user interface to the LandChain Toolset.

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Landchain Data Geography

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