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~Welcome to the EnLedger Tech Wiki~

Our technical offerings consist of the Universal Blockchain Portal (at our main website and one major blockchain development team project that has three "flavors", or customizations for specific use cases. The EnLedger Blockchain Node can be installed from any of these three sources: EnLedger EnergyChain, EnLedger LandChain, and EnLedger Notary. EnLedger also manages investments in energy stocks and bonds for Energy Efficiency Coin (EECoin), the token of EnergyChain. EnLedger is blockchain "agnostic" so we work with a variety of blockchain technologies, with a focus on bringing the benefits of a new "app-on-a-blockchain" environment to industry partners and end-use clients. Energy Efficiency Coin is the token of EnergyChain, a blockchain token that tracks the value of green energy stock & bond indices.

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EnLedger EnergyChain EnLedger LandChain EnLedger Notary

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