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EnLedger Notary

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EnLedger Notary Github Repository Link is a tool for securely storing any type of data into the blockchain.

EnLedger Notary Functionalities include:

1) Data Notarization & Timestamping
   · Any File, Any Format
   · Simple pay-per-GB file retrieval fee supports Cosmos Atoms, Bitcoin, Ethereum payments
   · 100% Authenticity and Timestamp of notarized documents is guaranteed by mathematical hash verification
   · EnLedger Notary is perfect for cheap yet 100% secure storage of Financial, Business, Health, and Personal data
2) Multi-Key Access Authorization
   · You set the number of keys and decide who holds them
   · Give keyholders access directly, or make some keyholders "gatekeepers" who may grant access
   · Set your data to public or private
   · Simple Token-Controlled Viewpoint (TCV) allows multi-level access structures with no redundant data encryption

EnLedger-Notary is based on the Tendermint Message Server Protocol and uses a Delegated Proof of Stake consensus protocol to add to verfify new blocks in a blockchain. EnLedger-Notary is built around a model that includes an additional DHT data-storage mechanism alongside the nodes. EnLedger-Notary can support encryption schemes with n keys and m keyholders' permission required to access the data. EnLedger-Notary can also support a Token Controlled Viewpoint (TCV), which enables a single-keyholder data encryption scheme for privata data, where any outside user can request data access from one or more gatekeepers.