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EnLedger EnergyChain

EnergyChain Icon 01.png EnergyChain MasterGraphic.png

EnLedger EnergyChain Github Repository Link is a platform for Automated Power Exchange & Energy Credit Tracking

Also see: Energy Efficiency Coin, the token of EnergyChain, a blockchain token that tracks the value of green energy stock & bond indices.

EnLedger EnergyChain Functionalities include:

1) Registration of Ownership of grid-attached devices including:
   · Batteries, Gas-Powered Generators, Frequency Regulators
   · Solar Panel Installations, Wind Power Installations
   · Appliances, Electronics Installations, Datacenters
   · Homes and Electrical Vehicles
2) Tracking & Notarization of energy meter data (energy production & usage metering)
3) Automated Power Exchange resource availability scheduling and dispositioning
   · on-chain tracking of availability, disposition signalling, energy delivery / performance
   · interfaces for regional energy dispositioning systems
   · minimum energy capacity and availability durations vary by region
4) Registration of Green Energy Devices for Renewable Resource Credit Programs
   · interfaces for regional energy credit management systems
   · generation, sales, and retirement of renewable resource credits (RRCs)
   · 100% verifiable efficiency analyzer toolset for energy contractors
5) Share Tracking & Dividends payments to owners of grid-attached devices
   · payments based on share ownership in energy production capacity
   · online interface for energy project shareholders and managers
   · buy or sell expected renewable energy credits value to help fund projects
   · lead in to further development on renewable energy project crowd-funding platform

EnLedger EnergyChain interface is designed to allow projects from the "microgrid" to the municipal and regional level, solar / renewable installation and auditing organizations, and government organizations to all collaborate to use blockchains to achieve positive environmental impact and efficient energy distribution.