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EnergyLand is the concept of virtualized "data-and-revenue streams", where client "dashboard data" is presented in a virtual environment so you can manage privacy, access rights, sales and/or revenue streams generated from your own datastreams in EITHER a 3D virtual environment, OR a standard form or text-based web or offline digital format.

Virtualize your property into EnergyLand
  - earn money by sharing data (energy, building, appliance, and more...)
  - gamify work in the energy industry
  - sub-dividable / scalable (subspace) environments
  - private environments vs social shared environments
  - different goggles allow you to see different aspects of the world
  - work vs. play mode, real-world analogs vs. fantasy elements
  - NFT avatars and "sim modes" for work or play

Virtual reality meets
  - real-world energy & building credit attribute data
  - real world land registry, audits, certificates & rebates
  - Cashback for Energy Data Program
  - Sales, Advertising, Discounts & Rewards Programs
  - Listings and Bookings
  - Collaborative meeting and conference rooms
  - Land canvases & templates for virtual businesses

Currency in EnergyLand:

The in-app currency of EnergyLand is the EnergyOrb (EO) token, allowing you subdivide your owned / land titled / registered real world properties, to "increase the physics" and volume of your subdivided spaces, and to interact, sell, or rent the virtual subdivisions.

In EnergyLand you can convert real-world energy, building, and consumer data into EnergyOrbs!

Other special objects such as EnergySwords, EnergyGloves, or EnergyGoggles may allow you to perform certain special actions, see special aspects, or access special areas within EnergyLand.

EnergyOrb tokens are created through a "net zero energy" process, where real-world carbon and solar renewable energy credits (SRECs) are bought and burned when batches of EnergyOrb tokens are created.

EnergyLand is a new concept in development

Please be patient, we know you are excited about EnergyLand, and we are too!

Check out this draft rendering which explores the concept we are incorporating into EnergyLand, including Environmental VR/AR Dashboards.

Thank you for your interest in EnergyChain and EnergyLand!

Right now we are working on an early (2D) version of the virtual web environment, NFT and DAO-linked items in EnergyChain and EnergyLand environment, and testing the Energychain nodes, doing feature tests, hard-fork tests, and torture tests before we go into livenet. The earliest "Cashback for Data" participants may begin to use the data marketplace and virtual environment as early as 2022!

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