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Land Trust
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EnLedger Asset & Technology

Partnered with a traditional REIT, EnLedger Technology Trust works with real-estate developers, offering equity financing options with better terms than bank loans, and with more experience. In exchange for land ownership, our group offers better long-term financing options, better returns, allowing bigger pipelines and cooler new real-estate projects. These land ownership and revenue shares will then be offered in tokenized security offerings to clients of EnLedger.

Learn about how EnergyChain is custom-built to serve the industry with real utility.

*Disclaimer: Our first securities disclosures and token-sales are scheduled for Spring/Summer 2021.

Private Network

A Custom-Built, Private Blockchain,
Run By EnLedger and Our Partners

Public "Mainnets" like Bitcoin and Ethereum have proven the value and utility of blockchain.

To serve critical infrastructure projects like the energy grid, a private "walled-garden" approach provides better security, reliability, and performance. EnergyChain is a bespoke, private blockchain made to serve energy grid applications, and to manage security tokens for our asset-holders.

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Blockchain Access

Smart Micro-Grids

Fractionalization of green-energy assets is a new financial and legal territory where Real-Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and crowd-funding connect. Solar panels are being wrapped into mortgages and land-lease agreements to amortize returns and provide access to smaller investors. Green-energy powered affordable housing developments are micro-grids, energy-data nexus points, and centers of digital innovation.

Web Wallet EnergyChain

Don't go it alone!
Work with experienced, USA-based blockchain professionals.


Our Expertise

"Enabling A Brighter Future"

  Our team has the experience of doing tens of thousands of solar-power systems installs and building performance upgrades, managing real-estate and energy-systems contracts internationally, and a software background building supercomputing and bank/exchange systems.

Rest assured with the backing of a solid, US-based company run by people with your best interests at heart. Together, will enable a brighter future!

Contact EnLedger Via Email: info@EnLedger.io

Real-World Project Integrations

Energy & Building Performance
Certificate & Rebate Orgs, Energy Trading & Risk Mgmt (ETRMS), P2P Energy Trading, AI & Machine Learning Grid Optimization, Large-scale Solar Projects, Microgrids/Community Solar

Web Access & Reports
Certs & Reports Automation, Secure Area for Auditors / Contractors / Admins, CRM/IAM with Secure Report Upload & Access, Plugins for Industry-Standard Toolsets, Mobile Apps

Real-Estate Development
Large-Scale Real-Estate Developers, Building Performance Orgs, Building Data-Standards Groups, Community-Impact and Grid-Efficiency Grants & Proposals

Blockchain & Big Data
Secure Notary and Timestamping, Secure Data-storage, Smart-Contracts, Encryption/Decryption and Hashing, Energy-Efficient Blockchains with No Proof-of-Work Energy Burn!

Cashback for Energy Data

Energy Data Aggregation and Monetization with Full Privacy & Security

Working with a large network of energy-industry certification/registration organizations, businesses, and non-profits, EnLedger has been incremental in helping craft a nationwide "Cashback for Energy Data" program that will enable homeowners to monitor & monetize their own energy data, with full privacy and on their own terms. Our program can reduce mortgages in new afforable green-energy community developments by up to $100/mo, and include incentives for residents such as rideshares, phonecards, or even cashback directly.

Residential & Commercial Properties Large-Scale Solar & Wind
Community Solar &
Software, Hardware
Intellectual Property

This program represents a sea-change in how big-data is monetized, putting users back in total control and making them the beneficiaries of the data they generate. With an "enabler" network of contractors, auditors, salesman, certification and non-profit organizations, this new structure brings clarity and utility in a new system that services data-processing, IAM/CRM, and sales/leads for the energy industry.

The "Cashback for Energy-Data" program pays data repositories to store their own data, while making it accessible through the blockchain. EnLedger is poised to become like Honey, a big-data aggregator for the energy industry, and to revolutionize how big-data is stored and monetized.


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