Tech for Real Estate & Energy Projects on the Blockchain

Real Estate & Energy Projects

Real Estate and Green-Energy
Tracked on a Blockchain

Ownership & Access Validation
A new and emerging field in the blockchain ecosystem. EnLedger works to help luxury and vacation property portfolio managers incorporate modern identity and access management (IAM) solutions on the blockchain.

Green Micro-Grids
Bank lending and private equity are classic funding sources for real estate develepers, but adding green-energy aspects to a project can make this more challenging. Crowd-funding and crypto-finance may offer an innovative up-front funding solution, through REIT structures that help developers tap cheaper and better debt terms for affordable community developments with green energy aspects.

We help our clients use blockchain technology and smart-contracts to track real estate and utilities data, certificates & rebates, and to securely store and trade valuable data. Homeowners and Businesses can securely share data such as energy, appliance, and building performance data in our bespoke, private network, and even potentially sharing that data for incentives from our consortium of industry partners.

EnLedger is proud to be a USA-based company.

If you are a real estate developer and want to learn about using blockchain crowd-funding to help fund your development including affordable / low-income housing, renewable energy and/or microgrids, email us at developers@enledger.io

For general information on our products and services, please contact info@enledger.io

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Affordable Housing
& Green Energy

Tracking Asset & Utility Data

Always Online
Utility + Security

Online 24/7 - 365 Days a Year

Identity & Access Management

Tracking & Twinning Building Data

EnLedger is a tech service provider working with real estated developers on a planned REIT structure. Our vision is to create a crowd-funding platform where our developers can access better terms and cheaper debt than bank loans, and an alternative to private equity funding for large-scale affordable community developments that including green energy aspects and microgrids. EnLedger is also working on identity and access management solutions for luxury/vacation property developments.

Learn about how EnergyChain is custom-built to serve the industry with real utility.

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