Tech for Real Estate & Energy Projects on the Blockchain

Real-Estate & Energy Projects

Real-Estate and Green-Energy Shares
Tracked on a Blockchain

EnLedger works with large-scale developers to bring our clients first-access investment opportunities in exclusive projects through our holding company and investment management services.

Tokenization of Real-Estate
First Access to exclusive investment opportunities available only through EnLedger and our developer partners.

Green Micro-Grid Assets
EnLedger allows crypto-finance to compete with bank lending for real-estate and green-energy developers, and virtualizes building and energy data so you can control and profit from your data in a new way.

We help our clients use blockchain technology and smart-contracts to track investments & dividends, certificates & rebates, and even to securely store and trade valuable data. Homeowners and Businesses can securely share data such as energy, appliance, and building performance data in our bespoke, private network, even trading and/or sharing that data for incentives from our consortium of industry partners.

EnLedger is proud to be a USA-based company.

If you are a real-estate developer and want to learn about using blockchain crowd-funding to help fund your development including affordable / low-income housing, renewable energy and/or microgrids, email us at developers@enledger.io

For general information on our products and services, please contact info@enledger.io

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Land Trust
for Affordable Housing
& Green Energy

Tracking Asset Shares

Always Online
Utility + Security

Online 24/7 - 365 Days a Year

Track Your Shares & Dividends

Crowd-Funding for Real-Estate Development

EnLedger is building the tech platform through which CleanGrid Trust will offer real-estate developers equity financing options with better terms than bank loans, financed through crowd-funding and marketing to traditional investors interested in diversifying into real-estate.

In exchange for land ownership, our group offers real-estate developers long-term financing options with lower rates, allowing better returns, bigger pipelines, and cooler new real-estate projects. These crowd-funded land ownership and revenue shares will also be tracked on a blockchain, allowing for online trading and redemptions, automated dividend payments, and more!

Learn about how EnergyChain is custom-built to serve the industry with real utility.

*Disclaimer: Our first securities disclosures and token-sales are scheduled for Spring/Summer 2021.

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