About EnergyChain

A ZERO NET ENERGY Blockchain Project, the goal of EnergyChain is to achieve positive social and environmental impact via blockchain incentive models that promote socially positive and environmentally responsible choices.

Energychain is made for energy-industry applications, and notarization & secure sharing / trading of data in a private and secure environment.

No Energy Burn in Mining
  Proof-of-Authority (PoA) Consensus
  Private, Secure Nationwide Network
  Smart-Contracts & DAOs for Energy
  Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) via Cosmos Network
Tracking & Twinning of Real-World Building Data
EnergyLand Virtual Environment & NFTs (new!)

Our Services

Why EnergyChain?
A Sea-Change in Big-Data & Privacy
Energychain serves a community of energy industry professionals and homeowners / businesses, allowing them to share their energy and building performance / appliance data with our consortium of partners, in exchange for incentives. We are building a big-data network where users are in charge of their data and how it is shared and monetized, and where users become the beneficiaries of their own data.

How Does it Work?
A New Architecture & Incentive Structure
Under the old model, data repositories struggle to pay for data maintenance, and pay big centralized computing centers to store it for them. Under our model, we foster an edge-computing environment where we can actually pay smaller data-repositories to store their own data and make it available to our network. Blockchain is a data prioritization and valuation tool, this is how we use it.

Who Can Participate?
Our Sponsored Communities
Our first Energy Data Aggregation and Monetization program is planned to offer people mortgage/rent rebates if they agree to share their energy usage and appliance data with our consortium of energy, appliance, and home service companies. All the hardware to collect the data will be built into the 100-300 unit housing developments when they are built.

EnergyChain Partners & Pilots

Energy & Building Performance
HPXML Data Standards Working Group, Home Performance Certs & Rebates Coalition-building, HPXML & Home Data Incentives Program, Sales & Leads Integrations

Software & Hardware Pilots
Meshnets & Sensor Grids, Microgrids & Networks, APIs, AI Machine Learning & Grid Optimization, CRM / IAM Applications & Plugins

Real-Estate Development
Utilities & Building Data Tracking
Data Aggregation & Monetization
Identity & Access Management Solutions

EnergyChain Testnet
Q2 2021 Update:
Testnet running, EnLedger nationwide server network deployed & online, supports 3 native tokens & minting, NFT & smart-contract / DAO development & testing underway, mainnet deployment ETA 2022 Q2

Energy Workers
Contractors, Auditors, Estimators, Salesforce, Grid Companies, Automated Systems, Sensors & Meshnets

e-Portal Users
Certs & Rebates System, Energy Prosumers, Data Notary & Access

Devs & Testers
Software & Hardware devs, Testers, Q&A, Bug-Reports, Wiki Authors


Community Solar, Tree Planters, HPXML & Home Data Incentives

Energy Orgs
Companies, Grant Programs, Licensing & Standards, Goverments

e-Portal Admins
Cert/Rebate Admins & Issuers, Datastore Admins

Node Operators
EnergyChain Validators, Oracles, Smart-Contract Authors/Testers, Hardware Functions, Software APIs


Community Solar Managers, Tree Validators, EnLedger Support

Planned REIT Structure
Phase I
Crowd-Funding Round via a Registered Portal

Phase II
A Platform and a Pipeline where Investors and Developers Connect

Our Services


Growth Ramp
Towards a Future Management Fund with Tailored Offerings

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